Sanlian Machinery was invited to attend the | 2023 (3rd) National Innovation Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of Tail Industry.

2023-05-15 08:55:01

On May 7-9, 2023, the "2023 (Third) National Tailings Comprehensive Utilization Industry Innovation Forum and Shangluo Tailings Resource Comprehensive Utilization Industry Matchmaking Meeting" was successfully held at the Impression Yuehao Hotel in Shangluo, Shanxi.


The theme of this meeting is "comprehensive utilization of tailings to help mining achieve the dual carbon goal", which aims to promote the mineral resource-based cities to accurately develop the comprehensive utilization of resources industry, achieve the utilization of tailings resources, comprehensively promote the comprehensive utilization of tailings resources new materials, new technologies, new processes, and new equipment, accelerate the large-scale and high-value utilization of tailings, and achieve the green and low carbon cycle development of the mining industry.


Quanzhou City Sanlian Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sanlian Machinery") was invited to attend the meeting. Vice General Manager Li Xiaoying, as the invited guest, gave a keynote speech on "Technology and Equipment for Producing Large Retaining Wall Blocks and Hydraulic Blocks Using Tailings". The speech received high attention from the attending representatives and had detailed technical exchanges.


1、Speech on-site

At the meeting, Sanlian Machinery elaborated on the feasibility of using tailings to produce large-scale hydraulic bricks and ecological retaining wall blocks, and pointed out that the consumption of tailings by such products is very considerable. At present, the device has been successfully put into the market.


In 2022, Sanlian Machinery launched the SLST2400 ultra large hydraulic brick production line, which mainly focuses on the production of large hydraulic bricks and ecological retaining wall blocks. The maximum feature can support a maximum finished product size of 1500×1300×600mm, exceeding the industry's molding limit of 1300×1300×500mm。


This equipment adopts a high-end servo eight axis dual vibration system Sanlian machinery, which has large vibration force, fast forming speed, and high product density. And it utilizes patented technologies such as a vibration table suspension system, dual drive design for raw materials Chargingfront and rear, and closed-loop servo hydraulic system. The main body is designed with castings, which have high strength and stable quality.


The introduction of Sanlian Machinery will help promote the development of comprehensive utilization of tailings and realize the green and low-carbon development of the mining industry.

2、Exhibition scene

At the corporate booth outside the venue, many customers stopped at Sanlian Machinery to discuss the technology and equipment application of using tailings to produce large retaining wall blocks and hydraulic blocks, further demonstrating the importance and practicality of our speech theme.


With nearly thirty years of industry experience, Sanlian Machinery can provide you with the technology and equipment to produce large retaining wall blocks and hydraulic blocks using tailings.

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