'Huawei-phobia' is against globalization

2022-07-15 15:36:27

The Huawei logo. [Photo/Huawei]

"Thanks to Huawei, China could participate in the NATO summit", says the headline of German-language media outlet Wirtschafts-Woche.

But browse through the story and one finds that it was UK-based mobile service provider Vodafone, a network using Huawei equipment, that extended mobile services at NATO's conference center in Madrid from June 28 to 30. It prompted some in the "security circle" to worry about the use of Huawei technology because Spain "took its time" in implementing the EU's ban on Huawei.

There has already been enough talk about the EU's Huawei ban being illegal. But "Huawei-phobia" is now spreading like a deadly pandemic in Western society.

Ever since Huawei's rise in the 2010s, the US-led West has launched a witch-hunt against this company. Even though Huawei is a private company that operates legally around the world, the US has done all it can to block its businesses, from illegally detaining Huawei senior executive Meng Wanzhou through its Canadian pawns for 1,028 days to cutting chip supply to Huawei in 2020.

The US doesn't say it, but everybody knows that for US companies, Huawei is a competitor. Therefore, the US is going all out to crush Huawei to retain its technological hegemony. That is exactly why "Huawei-phobia" is spreading across the West. The UK, Germany, EU and countless other US allies are joining the US' attempt to ban Huawei.

All those countries know that banning Huawei will hurt their own interests, too, but they want to be on the side of the US. Because Spain has "taken its time" in implementing the ban, it is now being blamed and challenged by the "security circle".

When will the West realize that telecommunications technology is no longer its monopoly and that Chinese engineers are no inferior to them? By rejecting Huawei, they are also running away from their own principle of openness and reversing the trend of globalization in the world.

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