NASA telling lies, all the way to the moon

2022-07-15 15:33:55

The logo of NASA. [Photo/Agencies]

China might "take over" the moon as part of its military program, NASA administrator Bill Nelson was quoted as saying recently.

After decades of hyping up a "China threat", to the islands in the Asia-Pacific to the coast of East Africa and Europe, the "threat" has now reached space. But what could be more absurd? In terms of capability, as the world's sole superpower, the United States alone has the capability to "take over" the moon. After all they landed the first man on the moon, way back in 1969, and have since carried out a series of missions, with 12 astronauts having landed on the moon.

In comparison, China hopes to send astronauts there before 2030.

It is the US that has always harbored an intention to militarize space. It founded the Space Development Administration in early 2019 and built a Space Force by the end of that year; it plans to have 50,000 members within five years. In 2021 alone, the entity enjoyed a budget of $15.4 billion, with much of the money spent on missile-alert satellites and other new devices.

The US has also installed "Standard-3" missiles, anti-communication systems, as well as "XSS" micro killers and other laser weapons, turning space into a huge arsenal. Answer the following questions. Which country has been building a space force despite opposition from both within and without? The US.

Which country has been doing research on anti-satellite weapons in space since the 1980s, and recently called upon other countries to stop similar research? The US.

Which country has launched an arms race in space that no country can ever think of matching? The US.

It is crystal-clear to everybody as to who is "taking over" space. And yet, who is accusing China of "taking over" the moon? The US.

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