West should beware the rise of racism

2022-07-15 15:35:06

Photo taken on Feb 21, 2022 shows the White House in Washington, DC, the United States. [Photo/Xinhua]

The Economist recently tweeted: "Pigs ate 431 million tons of grain in 2019".

That looked fine till one read the rest of the tweet, which said,"45 percent more than the people of China did".

As ties between China and the West have been worsening for years, we have long got accustomed to the Western media blaming China for everything, but this kind of sensationalism comparing the Chinese people to pigs only exposes how low some of the Western media can stoop.

Although The Economist later changed the tweet, racism has been rearing its ugly head more often than ever in the West, and China seems to be their main target. The media there blames China for having a "too strong" naval force, blames Chinese migrants for being so diligent as to harvest so many jobs, and the Chinese for eating too much meat and accelerating the global climate change process.

This, despite the United States navy being no small fry, Chinese scientists and scholars having contributed much to Western technological advances, and Chinese people consuming only a quarter of the meat consumed in the US.

In the race to blame China, certain Western media outlets give up all moral and legal binds. This lack of ethics and bias against China stems from the old Western disease called "racism". For centuries, the Anglo-Saxon white people dominated the world stage, forgetting that every race or color is equal and that every nation can rise on its own wisdom and diligence.

Despite the criticism, China stays prosperous and strong, and is capable of sweeping away these fabricated lies as if they were cobwebs. It is the West that should stay alert against the rise of racism. Isn't that the banner under which the Nazis stormed to power in Germany?

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