Hu Sheguang collection launched at London Fashion Week

2022-07-14 17:02:27

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In 2017, the Cannes Film Festival saw the charm of Chinese element through an extravagant dress inspired by traditional floral pattern of Northern China; in 2020, models wore outfits with slogans "Keep it Up, China!" "Hang in there, Wuhan!" for the curtain call at the New York Fashion Week. This year on Feb 22, Hu Sheguang's couture collection themed "A Place" greeted the audience at the London Fashion Week.

The theme, A Place (Hide-and-Seek), stands for where light and darkness exist and is full of fascination and enlightenment. Inspired by his many years of life experience and feelings, the designer used a great mount of mesh, lace, printing and leather fabrics, reconstructed and innovated fabrics, strong colour contrast and established wrapped silhouette design in his new collection.

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